Our Vision

Susie Marment – Founder and Director

“Our vision is to be a global leader in researching, developing, designing and implementing solar energy solutions as a primary source of energy that is economically viable, practical and reliable on an industrial scale.

Rayer will seek to design and engineer, purchase, construct and integrate solutions that benefit their clients in achieving their energy needs and developing their ‘green’ credentials.

Rayer believe that solar energy solutions are in their infancy and that technology and engineering will dramatically improve efficiency and effectiveness to ensure they become a primary source of power generation, heating, cooling, and the source of energy for multiple applications to reduce dependency on carbon resources, benefiting individual nation’s energy requirements and powering their industry and commerce as well as reducing the cost of domestic energy consumption.
We share the same values as all decent human beings: honesty, integrity, caring, trusting and respectfulness. These are the foundation of our business principles.

We are guided to live and work by our principles and are committed to excellence, safety standards and working as one with our clients to achieve their goals.”