Solar System Design and implementation

Our head of system design is acknowledged to be at the forefront of the science of solar energy solutions

Solar System Deisgn and Implementation

Approach and Methodology

  • Client orientated and focussed on their goals
  • Concept design and Rough Order of Magnitude Costing
  • Design milestone and sign off meetings with the client
  • Project implementation and management meetings with the client

We follow ISO 9001 standards and procedures in our design and engineering methodology

We respect and follow original equipment manufacturers (OEM) designs, installation instructions and warranties

Procurement and Shipping

Procurement and Shipping
Rayer Limited can procure, supply and ship all the necessary products for integration to produce an overall solution. Rayer’s commercial and logistics team have over 30 years of experience in buying cost effectively and shipping most efficiently around the globe.

Integration, Supervision and QA

Integration Supervision and QA

Through our research and development programs, Rayer’s designers and engineers will have selected and recommend the most compatible equipment for integration into an overall solution.

Our Project Management team working to ISO 9001 standards will supervise and quality assure the receipt, testing, positioning, programming and installation of all equipment in the overall integrated solution at the customer site.